Diversity: new solutions, new problems

Finnish scholar Joanna Töyräänvuori has convincingly demonstrated that Leviticus 18,22, a passage that is commonly, not to say „notoriously“, used to underpin the Bible’s alleged verdict against homosexuality, actually reads: „You shall not lie with a male in the bed … Weiterlesen →


It is not totally correct to claim (which can often be heard) that antiquity’s crucifixion would have been an exclusively Roman way of punishment. According to famous 1st-century-CE Jewish-Roman historian Josephus Flavius („Jewish Antiquities”, 13,14,2), Jewish king Alexander Jannaeus (103-76 … Weiterlesen →

Biblical religions and animal use – a critical biblical-theological and church-history approach to assessing the idea of vegan diet

(by Joachim Elschner-Sedivy, Lic.Theol., Munich, Germany, October 16, 2020) As to the topic of human nutrition, Torah, the Jewish law (the „Pentateuch“ or „Five Books of Moses“), is characterized by three steps of argumentation. First step: In Genesis 1,29, humans … Weiterlesen →

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